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2 Forts It was this map that made me love TF. I had never played CTF when I tested this map, but after I took a single player game to explore it... IT WAS CTF TIME! This map rules! There's 2 forts with a brige between. You can attack either the front of the fort, or from under the water. The castles have millions of rooms, so that it will be hard to find the flag. The forts are quite large, so it won't be fun playing with less then 8 players. If you haven't played on this map, then you haven't played much TF. 100% John Cook txt ss
Accelerator This is the second map with 4 teams. What I like most about it, is that it only needs 2 team members on each team. One Sniper and one Soldier. The Soldier is the one who captures the flag (no speed is needed), and the sniper snipes other soldiers (and snipers :). The map is a huge open space, with lava at the bottom. There are four bases, four lifts/trains and one little plate placed around. All the lifts/trains goes from a base, to the little plate and back. All the lifts/trains arrives at the plate at the same time, and they move really slow. The snipers stand at the roof of the base, and snipes the other teams's soldiers, while they are one their way to the little plate, where the flag is located. The big goal is to kill all the other soldiers, before the lifts/trains arrive at the plate. And then you have to take the lift back to your base, and dropp off the flag, at the little circle with runes on. Have fun! N/A Gjermund Jensvoll txt
Cascade N/A N/A Gjermund Jensvoll txt
Castle N/A N/A Roger Soder txt ss
DeathX This level is a little maze. It has only one flag, and it is located in the middle of the level. Whenever a player has a flag, all the members of the other team gets the quad damage. A player with the flag cannot stand on any black squares (except the ones protecting his own base). The Player will take 500 damage if he stands on a black square(He always gets gibbed). 74% John Cook txt
Dungeon Master I played this map on my own for more then 3 hours(Well, untill I slaped my selfe, and said: Write the review god dammit!). It looks like 2 forts, but it's better inside the castles. The first thing you see when you enter one of the castles is a well/pool. To get to the flag(which is in a dungeon), you have to fall down a hole that's located behind the well. You must shoot a button that is on the wall beside the hole to open the grating. You can also enter from behind the castle in the moat, which is also the only exit. There's also 4 "sniper" towers (2 for each team). On these towers are buttons, which open up a lava pit within each tower and send the little gits falling to their death! However, only the HWGUY can shoot these switches. I recomend that you take a look at the screenshots. 98% Wayne Lee txt ss
Fast Flag Both teams get 3 flags each to defend. You have to get the other teams flags, and return to your own base with it. This is a boring CTF level, but it's still much better then most of the crap that is on the net. 9% John Cook txt ss
Frag 4 Flag This level is a fast CTF level. It is a big room, that has water in the middle, and a brige over the water. Ones you have got over the brige, you have to swim up some sort of a tower. It's just water that hangs in the air. Neat idea. This level was great when it came, but now TF has the grappling hook, this means that it's too easy to get the flag, and back. 13% Justin Kimber txt ss
Havoc I was sure that this level was a CTF level when I first tryed it. But it was a DM level, and a special DM level too. Both teams get their own base, where they have a control room. You have to get into the other team's control room, and damage a little monitor that hangs on the wall there. Every time you damage the monitor (it can only be damaged every 7 secs), your team gets 1 point. And it's havoc time every umh.. 5 minutes(?). All the players gets a quad damage for some secs then. 81% John Cook txt ss
House of War N/A N/A Roger Soder txt ss
Idaho This is a quite special level. It has some neat crushing ceilings (just infront of the flag's location), some useful flashing alert lights, some docile volcanos, some rising cages, some mercy and peace, and some goodwill to all. Now that's something. :)
In order to capture the flag you must get into the opponent's stronghold. To do this you must either go down and across through the basement (which sets off the alert light, and there's a bigger chance to be crushed), or you must drop into one of the volcanos on your opponent's side. This will trigger the opening of the stronghold gate which is at the end of the raised wooden platform. And to get back, you have to run over a little trap, where you can fall down. And it's there the rising cages are located. Ones you've passed the trap, you'll have to use one of the side teleporters which are on your OPPONENT'S side, to enter your sniper loft, where you drop off your flag.
83% Nate Herron txt ss
Marks Attack & Defend Teamplay Map This map starts with the attackers (team 1) in a small building on one side of the map, and the defenders (team 2) on top of a fairly large castle on the other side of the map. The idea is for the attackers to get onto the top level of the castle and fall down a chute to enter the dungeon coplex. From here the attackers must negotiate a large lava infested room with 3 exits into the defenders flag room. Once an attacker has grabbed the flag, he/she needs to fall down one of the two holes in the floor. This teleports the player to a small corridor exiting just above the water outside near the castle. Once out of the water via the ramps, just take the flag to inside the attackers start building and onto the small blue platform in the middle of the lower floor. The attacking team will receive some points for the capture of the defenders flag. Then its time to do it all over again. Its best when a game is timed and the teams are swapped over so that both teams have a go at defending/attacking. 49% Mark Rosten txt ss
Marks Water Bases What I really like about this level, is the textures. All TF maps should have these textures. It really gives you the feeling of being in a team. And it's quite original too, but I'm not a fan of water though. Mark has updated this map (now v1.05), becouse he forgot the resupply backpack. He also rememberd to put items around, which gives this map some bonus points. There's also a CTF version of this level (for those of you who like CTF :). 77% Mark Rosten txt ss
Minion This map is just too little! Scouts get the flag, and returns with it in 2 secs. Well, it has some good sides too. Snipers has really good spots to hide, to gib those scouts. But still, it's just to little. N/A Gjermund Jensvoll txt
Pyramids N/A N/A Roger Soder txt
The Box This map was the first TF map that had support for four teams. Most TF servers has max 8 players. This means that maps with four teams, only can have 2 player on each team. This map only needs 2 players on each team, but If your playing on a server with max 8 players, go down to two or three teams. Then you can have more players on each team, and that will be more fun. I recomend you have one scout, one sniper and one soldier/medic on your team. The map has the four bases at each corner of a box. All the bases has two sniper places. There's a hole in the middle, that is the entering of a little room, where the flag is located. Just jump down there, and use one of the teleporters to get back up on the surface. Then just run to your base, and drop the flag off at the end of the first floor sniper place. N/A Gjermund Jensvoll txt ss
The Hedge This map is huge! It took me quite some time to explore it. It has alot of good stuff, like many sniper places (dark places too), 2 resupply points in each castle, great idea on how to hide the flag, etc. But there's some bad things about this level too: No items is placed around (Jeremy complained about that he couldent place more then 150 entidies around), and the scout (or the flag carrier) will never reach back to the dropoff point. The map has a huge maze between the castles. The castles is great inside. It's really hard to find the way to the flag room, and it even takes time to find the flag in the flag room : / There's a hidden lift that takes you down to the flag, and another, really slow lift that takes you up again. The drop-off point is at the roof of your own base. And a little tip before you move on the the next map review. Choose singel player, and explore the map, so you know it when you connect to a server that is running this map. 69% Jeremy Morton txt ss
Trench This map is the most original map I've seen for TF. It has millions of "sniper" places. The flag is located underground. And it's really hard to get out when you get the flag. The reason for this is that the level is a big maze in a big room. It's quite easy to get the flag becouse there's a teleporter that teleports you to the location of the flag. Then you have to get back to your bunker, which will not be easy, becouse of all the sniper places. But anyway, this map is great, so go and get it now! 76% Richard Aynsley txt ss
Siege There's a fort in the center of this level. Team 1 has to defend it for 10 minutes, and team 2 has to reach a point at the rear of the fort. There should be twise as many players in team 1 then in team 2, to make the game more fair. There's also a hill where you can stand and shoot rockets into or at the fort. And there's even a tunnel under the hill. 27% John Cook txt ss
Storm This level has almost the same rules as Seige. Team 1 has to defend a castle from attack. And team 2 has to storm the castle, and break through the inner door. There are buttons on either side of the castle which opens the main gates. Once inside, there are 6 more buttons which have to be pressed to open the inner gates. Team 2 wins once they get a player beyond the inner gates. Team 1 wins if Team 2 does not get a player beyond the inner gates in 10 minutes. I think this level is much better then Seige. 70% John Cook txt ss

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