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Jeremy Morton

Part I of the Orbs
Very Nearly Completed Number of Teams: 2
Distinguishing Features: Orbs. :) Two per team. Your team's Orbs refresh your health, and are the reason for your team's existence. Don't let them get blown up! The return of my on-line help system. Several ?'s are in the level. These tell you what needs to be done if it hasn't already been accomplished. I'm using a couple of Gorgon's TeamFortress textures. His is a very worthy project. Lava. Cave-ins. Lava :)
Jeremy Morton

Out Of The Darkness
Part II of the Orbs
A Few Weeks Number of Teams: 2
Distinguishing Features: More Orbs. :) One per team. The way to destroy an Orb is different; walk into it, and it will teleport you back to your Orb and be a little weaker. Darkness. No light. Except for lamps that you can pick up and carry. The level will be similar to mine shafts or a dungeon. Thanks to KraQs for the idea on this one. No more Pollock jokes for me. :)
Jeremy Morton

Breaking The Surface
Part III of the Orbs
Unknown Number of Teams: 2
Distinguishing Features: Even more Orbs. :) One per team. This part will finally take place on the surface, and will *look* fairly similar to something like 2Forts, but there ain't no CTF here. :) This is still very much in development, but watch for a very cool end level sequence to finish off the trilogy. :)
Ares-CE The Suck Zone March 15 Teams: 2
Features: A suck zone. What else could you want? Also, new method of scoring, in which each team has the enemy "bombs" (flags) in their own base. Take it to the enemy base, plant it, and prevent them from disarming them, and you'll score yourself and your team 10 frags. More to come as I work on it.

The TF Gurus From Oz
Demo Couple Weeks
(as of 2/21)
This will be the map used in the multiplayer demo competition we'll be releasing soon. At the moment, it's designed. It's going to have some interesting stuff in it. None
John Cook

A TF Guru From Oz
Unknown From Robin:
John's revamping [the two maps] Siege and Storm to fit in with the latest map code, and also to adress some criticism raised by various people.

A TF Guru From Oz
Stronghold Unknown Well, today I took the plunge and started making Stronghold... my first ever map :) It's going well... almost got half the first base finished. But, believe me, this is like _no_ other map you've ever seen before :) If it all goes well, this should be a hell of a drawcard for TF... None
Devin Jensen

Slipgate MultiBase A few weeks I have started a new map for Powerball that is based on E1M1. There are pics at ( Well as I kept adding things, I kept thinking this will be a really cool TF Level too. So I have been changing things to prove this. I am gonna add rooms from other maps as well (like E1M2 or E2M1) and make it a really big map for 32 players, like playing 2-3 maps in one. So far the detail to me is astonishing. More secrets, more halls, more everything. I am almost half done, and when I get there, I will throw in some entities to maybe have it the second TF-CTF Level out there (If I can beat those other mapmakers). This next map will be purposely big because the first TF-CTF level I made, Twin Castles (or TF_01Net) is kinda small, and I noticed there weren't enough dark shadows for the sniper. I am just not fond of the dark, because I like to express textures. I will also try to get this next map to be a good place to use the brand new Spy Class. Here
Jamie Mactaggart Unnamed Unknown It will have a post apocolyptic city theme. There will be 2-4 "corporations" (teams) fighting for top place. It will be a "capture the information" type level, each team must infiltrate an enemy corporate HQ and retrieve plans, info, perhaps even kidnap an employee :) (I haven't quite decided) Each team won't be able to just walk in and steal the info, there will be various "goals."

One goal I have working is disabling the team's power generator. The infiltrating team must go to the basement, find the generator, and disable it (I think a demoman will work the best). Once disabled the lights will go out, and the room where the plans are kept opens (there will probably be a 1-2 min. interval until everything is reset.)

I want to concentrate on making a map that really supports true team mechanics. This map will probably become a series.
Wayne Lee

Invaders Unknown There will be a base with pillboxes to camp in (ever played Red Alert?) at the entrance, the idea will be to storm the base, but there will be a lot of secrets within the level. The architechture will be of a high standard, I want to try and get as close to an id level as possible. The setting will be very medieval with a small outside area and an inside.

I have not quite decided on the aim yet, although detonating your backpack in a room may be the quest. I have not yet decided.
Tony Cabe

Bunker Hill A few weeks
(as of 2/27)
Number of Teams: 2
Description: Each team has a bunker with one entrance fortified with a gunnery deck and sniper towers setting atop a large hill. In the middle is a large, deep body of water with a bridge to make crossing easy. Behind the fortified wall there are currently 2 ammo stock buildings, and an old mining shaft leading down into a bunker constructed around the earth and flowing streams of lava.

The goal will be to simply capture the opponent's flag. The only catch is you need the key, which there is one per side, to unlock the door to the opponents flag room. The unlock key will sit in the middle of the bunker somewhere until someone 'grabs' it and will not return until that player is dead.
Gjermund Jensvoll

Castles of Ephidrina Unknown Number of Teams: 2
This level should be big enough for 32 players. It is a usual CTF level, but I'm trying to make the level in that way that team co-op is needed to capture the flag. Also, the level is kinda devided into 3 parts, so you can't see the enemy castle from your own. I'll also include a lot of secret rooms.