Also check out the New-Level Status page.

The Team Fortress Guild at ETF is designed to be a one stop directory for finding help and information about the game from the people who make it all possible. It is really an extended links page with much more information available to you. If you are interested in being added to the Guild please send us your information.

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1. TF Code Designers
2. TF Web-Site Maintainers
3. TF Server Administrators
4. TF Clan Leaders
5. TF Map Makers

TF Code Designers

Robin Walker

Web Site: The Official Team Fortress Home Page at

Quake Name: Bro

TF Role: I share the bulk of the TF coding with John. I designed and implemented the map scriptingcode, and John's done all of the maps from us that use it.

Thank-You's: I'd personally like to thank every TF map-maker out there, for taking the time (and pain;) to read the map scripting docs. I wrote them, and they suck... I'm continually amazed that anyone, after reading them, would then go ahead and make a map with them :)

A Bit Of TF Trivia: We wrote TF for the simple reason that it was the patch we wanted to play on our home LAN. We wanted a multiple class patch that had quite different playing-styles for each class, in the hope that any person could find a class that he/she liked.

John Cook

Web Site: The Official Team Fortress Home Page at

Quake Name: I don't play Quake. Except sometimes, when I play as Jon. ;)

TF Role: I do the coding of TF with Robin. I wrote preqcc, the precompiler we use. And I make maps. [John made the 2forts map as well as Havoc. Check out the maps page to see all the levels he's made]

Some Thoughts On The Map Code: The map code would have been a lot different if I had designed it instead of Robin. I doubt that it would have been better though. Most likely it would have been easier to use, but not as generic and powerful.

Ian Caughley

Web Site: The Official Team Fortress Home Page at
and also the Team Fortress Clans page at

Quake Name: My nick is Scuba (but I dont play on the net)

TF Role: Although involved in the initial concept design, I did not participate much in the coding. These days I do code, mdls and graphics. I also spruced up the TF page and now run the TF Clans page.

Initial design input: "I think the sniper should be near invincible with his bounding box just a little cube between his eys, his rifle should fire detpacks and he should be impossible to hit from the front 'cause he'd dodge any bullet he could see coming."

The future of TF: The map code is so under utilized at the moment.As map makers get more experience with what can be done, expect to see some pretty spectacular challenges for teams to complete. We are trying to write a few different patches now such as sniper, balance and buddy, but TF will still be expanded as time permits.

A Straight Fact: The word of Ian is definitive. Reality is often wildly inaccurate.

Antony Suter

Web Site: The Official Team Fortress Home Page at

Quake Name: Examiner (only play Australian servers)

TF Role: I've joined the coding team to spread some of the work around, and generally kick their butts when necessary.

Favorite Color: Many, but included are all 256 shades of black.

TF Web-Site Maintainers


Web Site: Gorgon's Team Fortress Page at

Real Name: Kelly Rosati

ICQ# 389699

TF Role:Currently working on the TF Texture Wad Project, and the TF Tips page. Still looking for people who wish to help with new textures (hint, hint).

Personal Information: Live in western Massachusetts and work full time (sucks). I used to be a traveling performer for various Renaissance Fairs.

Wolf Crow

Web Site: Wolves Moon Clan Page at

Real Name: John Collins

ICQ# 406799

TF Role: I answer the Questions on our Q&A page (if any) I maintain the News, Clan, and all the rest of the pages. I help run the Wolves Moon clan with Bad Moon. I also would like to make a Team Fortress map some day when I can get some time and am working on a map right now. I would also like to help anyone maintain their own Quake/Team Fortress web page.

Personal Information: I would some day LOVE to get a job working with ID doing anything with Quake or a 3D game some day..:-) I'm truthful, and never stab my friends in the back. I like to think I can program (but, really can't..but, can do some cool stuff) Hmm what can I do?? Hmm, I try and keep my web page as up-to-date as I can..(And it is) As I said I like working on computers and some day would like to have a computer job with ID software..(YOU GUYS RULE) althogh they might never see this..:(


Web Site: The Grassy Knoll at

Real Name: Jim Cable

Clan Affiliation: Gothic Terror

TF Role: I created and currently maintain The Grassy Knoll, a page that is dedicated to the TF Sniper class. I co-created the TF clan Gothic Terror with Sean Harrison (ScAtTeRbLaK).

Personal Information: I am a 28 year old ex-Air Force electronics technician currently employed in Atlanta, Georgia. For the last few years I have been working with 3D graphics on my off hours. I maintain another web site called Lucid Imaging that is dedicated to LightWave 3D. When I can pry myself away from Quake World, I will put my prior 3D experience to some use in designing some TF levels. When I started playing Quake on the web some months ago, I found myself drawn to teamplay servers. CTF became my favorite, but began to get a little tedious after a while. Then I found something called TF. (TFshould have actually been called TV for Time Vacuum) I play TF with an emphasis on TEAM. I enjoy the camaraderie, the challenges, and the frustrations of working with a group of total strangers to achieve a common goal. This was my incentive for forming clan Gothic Terror.


Web Site: Mockingbird Central

Real Name: Oron Gill Haus (I go by Gill)

Clan Affiliation: Those Kingsize Kids

ICQ# 452708

TF Role: My role is to bring the latest TF news to players in a very laid back manner, as well as to offer files and links that any TF'er would need.

Personal Information: I am a senior Information Systems major. Don't worry, I'm not graduating this year. It seems that I'll have one more year of raving all weekend and sleeping through class all week. Hey, if you are a member of a MOD release group, e-mail me, I've got some jungle tunes to send you.

Shout Outs: Mad props to BooRadley, Mr. Potato Head, Bundy, the TF Guys, Lycanthrope, Cableless, and anyone else that gave me support and help in the beginning. You guys are great...but stop killing me so much. I want to get some frags too.


Real Name: Jason Kramer

Web Site: Gibkeeg's Fortress

Clan Affiliation: Clan Oski

TF Role: I run the Team Fortress web site called, Gibkeeg's Fortress. What I try and do on this page is too give the most up to date news on Team Fortress as possible. It would not be unusual if you see me update the page 10 times a day. I also try and show everyone what it's like being on one the "ELITE" Team Fortress clans.

Personal Information: I am 21 year old University Computer Department Manager. I work around computers all day, so its very easy people to get a hold of me. I have been playing Quake ever sence teh days of Qtest. I came apon TF on accident one day. I had just gotten my ISDN installed and was pinging servers. The server that had the best ping was a TF server, so I started playing and have never looked back sence.


Real Name: Chris Williams

Web Site: Sgt.CoolGuy's Detail Duty

TF Role: I run Sgt.CoolGuy's Detail Duty and update religiously. I'm GibKeeg's largest rival and would like to make maps (even though I suck).

Personal Information: Uh, I love Quake, TF, Mountain Dew, Pez, and wanna make my own 3D games in 10 years. Oh I also love fooling around programming and making web pages.

Addidional Stuff: Great Job Ian, Robin, John and, Anthony. TF Kicks total ass!!!

TF Server Administrators


Web Site: VAVEL. Also check out the Top Ten TF Maps page there and cast your vote.

Real Name: Pawel Hachaj

Website Button: You can get a button-link to VAVEL here.

TF Role: I am an admin of Team Fortress server VAVEL ( I also established the top 10 TF maps www page to help the players chose thebest ones. All the players are welcome to vote there for their favorite maps. Server administrators may contact me to put some information about maps played on their servers. Map makers are welcome to send me a note about their new maps - I will add them as soon as possible.


Real Name: Carl Gobbo

Server Name: Ira Venatoris TF 2.13
The server IP is:

Web Site: Clan IV Homepage

TF Role: I'm a server admin and TF modifier. I'm working on some new cool impulses for the server (more info after it is implemented), and am going to start working on getting team messaging back. When the mods are complete, I'll get them out to Robin to put into the next release. Yes when you see the mods EVERYONE will want them. The server is a P-133 running Win NT. The maps I'm currently running are: deathx3, the_box, 2fort4, havoc6, dungeonm, hedge5 and idaho.

Bonus Information: I am a member of Ira Venatoris Clan. Also Smitty (another member of IV) and I are working on a 3 team TF map. It will ROCK when we get it finished.


Real Name: Russell Harrison

Server Name: Teamfortress 2.14 at Jord's
The server IP is:

Web Site: Jord's Quake World

TF Role: Well let's see. Basicaly what my role has been in the TF world is that of beta tester. The difference between myself and other testers, I suppose, is that I will ususally try to figure out the problem before notifying the TF team. If I don't find the problem I can usually give some leads that will point them in the right direction.

Lately I have been looking into how to REALLY customize my server. I've found a lot of places to tweak with variables and constants that makes my server unique. At some point (please don't ask when) I plan to write up a tutorial for other server ops so that they can get down into the code without killing the server. I'm kind of thinking of waiting for the next full version of TF before I do this though.

In another line I'm looking into starting a map of my own. Again don't ask when. It will get done when I'm done with it.

That's Not All: I suppose that I'm going to be one of the major sources for help. If you have not already seen it then you should check out my site Jord's Quake World which started out as a tutorial for setting up Quake World and has taken off from there.

At the present time I am working on a collection of tutorials and help files, FAQs, etc. for my help section. Submissions welcome. Also I've got a help board for people to post their questions on Quake related topics. This includes TF. Please if anyone does have a question I would ask that you post it to the board and not mail me directly. I've got well over 150 unanswered e-mails in my inbox as it is.

Boo Radley

Real Name: Sewell Tang

Server Name: Pro -TF Mockingbird Central

Web Site: Mockingbird Central

Clan Affiliation: Those Kingsize Kids

ICQ #: 402170

Greetings: Hello People of Earth!

TF Role: I'm a TF server administrator trying to satisfy the hunger of the TF players. And on the side, I help run the Mockingbird Central Web Site with RudeBwoy.

Salutations: It took me a while to write this entry. Bye... =)


Real Name: Jason McDuffee

Web Site: Clan Braveheart

Server Name: Braveheart TF
The server IP is:

Clan Affiliation: Clan Braveheart

TF Role: Leader of Clan Braveheart, Co-admin of clan servers, co-webmaster of clan page. I have dabbled in most all areas of quake, Skin editting, level design, etc.. I am dedicated in my pursuit and annihilation of cheaters. (You have been warned)

TF Clan Leaders

PlagueBearer [CoC]

Web Site: Children of Chaos at

Real Name: S. Bryan Loyd

TF Role: Semi-leader of "Children of Chaos", a TF clan whose current membership has a heavy liking for Warhammer 40k ( I also make maps. Haven't published any on the net, because I don't think they've been good enough, or else they've proven too laggy in play. QuakeMap is my editor of choice (one apparently overlooked by the masses); I designed a TF plug-in set of entities for it a few weeks ago by examining the 2FORT and HAVOC.


Web Site: Clan Gangrene at

Real Name: Scott Covington

TF Role: I am the leader of Clan Gangrene. We are a member of Ian's TF Clans. We have been playing TF since v1.37. Clan Gangrene would have never formed if it weren't for the greatest Quake patch ever! We're just abunch of guys having a good time. So if you'd like to have some fun, come check us out!.


Web Site: Clan Erinyes home pages at

Clan Affiliation: Clan Erinyes The happiest clan around!

ICQ# 392051

TF Role: I babble about TF, and get props for it. MU HA HA! Actually, I wrote the TF FAQ, and am in the process of designing a TF map (if it will ever get done.)

Personal Information: I'm a dog.

Personal Requests: I'd like a Map editor that actually just does the map for me. Then I'd be set. I'd also like to see less clans so caught up in their records, their wins and losses and being the best clan out there; and instead concentrating more on using the game for what it was meant to be used for: having fun.

ScAtTeRbLaK [GT]

Real Name: Sean Harrison

Web Site: Gothic Terror home page at

TF Role: In clan GT, I develop and maintain all facets of our website, including all CGI, counters, and tracking software. We have implemented a secure (password protected) area for clan discussion, a clan Mass Mailer with an HTML interface, and a clan News utility that will allow any clan member to post news that will be displayed on our website, as well as updating a news database that clan members can access. I am currently developing a clan search engine that will allow clan members to collectivly maintain a database of words and images regarding all of our matches, opponents, contacts, discussions, etc. The prose on the page may come off a little bit egotistical, but it's all in fun.

I maintain multiple Clan QW servers, both public and private, for practices and matches. Clan GT has it's own P166, 128Meg EDO machine, sharing 2 T-1's with a corporate mail server. I am also in the process of developing several new TF maps using WorldCraft, when I can keep it from crashing my machine.


Web Site: Crusaders home page at

TF Role: I am the PR director of The Crusaders. I try to get everything in order and keep it running. We joke around and frag, but thats what Quake is about. We insist on keeping it clean or trying to at least. Bundy and I came up with the idea for the Team Fortress Chronicles, which most of my clan writes daily. We try to make it amusing and fun for us when we get "burned out on Quake". If anyone has a vaccination for what I call "Quakeyfragotosis"(the over dosing of Quake) please email me. I would like to say hello to all my clan and especially Ned, Lenny, and Smitty.

TF Map Makers


Real Name: Jamie Mactaggart

Clan Affiliation: Clan Erinyes The happiest clan around!

TF Role: I have been playing TF since the beginning. I quickly fell in love with the sniper and have continued to use him since. I decided I would like to contribute something to this phenomenal patch. It seemed map-making was the way to go.

Map Making History: I worked with Zoid (the creator of CTF) and made a map for CTF 3.0. "Tale of Two Cities" was my first "real" quake map (although I really don't like it at all) and I have continued to make maps since. I became rather bored making straight CTF maps, and wished more options, TF was the next logical step. I have big plans for the Team Fortress maps I am working on, and wish them to be the highest quality possible. I like making maps that really force the players to think like a team, to communicate with one another.


Real Name: Devin Jenson

Finger Me:

Web Site: But how can I compete with ETF? :) None, thought about it, even have all the files setup, but nah. I like ETF and I can get more work done looking at it rather than updating my own.

TF Role: I have been playing TF since the very early days. My friend "Light" from Undernet introduced me to it, and I am forever thankful he did. I have only recently (Nov96) been working on making stuff for TF. I am now a map maker for TeamFortress and Powerball.

Other Useful Information: I also contribute to the WorldCraft University which is based at Undernet #WorldCraft IRC. I am almost always idling on IRC either there, or #Quake DALnet, just /msg me and I usually hear the "dong". Right now, I am in college, but I still have limited time. I put 100% of my free time into WorldCraft, and sometimes even find myself pulling all-nighters on it. I have also been looking at QuakeC in my spare time, primarily Rob's work. I have always longed to learn QuakeC, and no better way than to experiment.

Personal Requests: I am requesting information from normal Team Fortress players. I have gone to TF Servers requesting what others would like to see in a TF Level,like a game. Nobody ever responds, and CTF is the only game I can think of. If anybody has an idea for a good gameplay idea, mail me please! Just information on what you would like to see or play in a map. I have no plans for a third TF Level, but I need some.

Parting Shot: Here's my philosophy. "He who frags with the lowest ping wins." (c)1997 Network.

Wayne Lee

Quake Name: SKywalker

TF Role: Created the map Dungeon Master for TF (currently just started work on Invaders) huge fan of TF, the best patch out there, but unfortunately we don't get enough players here at work to play very often!!

Miscellany: Hmm, Quake, fantastic yeah, but isn't anyone getting just a little bit excited about Jedi Knights?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Who can wait!!!!!!!!!


Real Name: Jeremy Morton

Web Site: Raistlan's Quick and Dirty Page

Clan Affiliation: Clan Erinyes

TF Role: I make maps. I'm (still) working on EntEd v2.0... :) When I'm only double-booked for time [as opposed to the usual triple or so... :) ] I help people with their TF map amking problems...

Personal Information: I'm a 20 year old programmer in Boise, Idaho [which looks *nothing* like the level BTW...]. I'm currently on a contract working in HP's printer division, and I plan on heading back to college this fall. Hmmm... what else.... I like Quake... and TF... and sleep... [I don't get near enough of any of those...]

Addidional Stuff: I'm the author of The Hedge [all of them :) ] and The Orbs Trilogy [not quite out yet...]




Clan Affiliation: CDG

TF Role: My role is to build quality levels and new textures.

Personal Information: -

Addidional Stuff: TF ROCKS!!!!!!


Real Name: Vince Sneary

Web Site: Voodoo Development Dudes

Server Name: Not yet but soon!
The server IP is:

TF Role: Usually Heavy Weapons, but have been known to stalk the grounds as the Demolition Man.

Personal Information: Software Engineer with a Multimedia Software Development Firm, programming in C/C++ and Java. Also do web based application development.

Addidional Stuff: Love the sound of a good gib. Team Fortress adds a much needed demension to Quake, kuodos to the developers.


Real Name: Brian Green

TF Role: I have just completed my first TF map (bases) and with what I have learned from that I hope to create better maps for TF players to enjoy. Also please email me if there is somthing that bugs you about my maps.

Personal Information: I come from New Zealand but at the moment I am currently living in Japan. I have worked in various roles in the computer industry but I have a weakness for a good game of TF.

Addidional Stuff: Currently working on a new map (no name yet) but It has a rather complex goal structure so I hope it works fine in QW.


Real Name: Jamie Gallant

TF Role: I've only been playing Team Fortress since it came out for Quakeworld and ever since I've been hooked. I usually play as a Medic, but since the new TF came out I keep going back to the spy.

Personal Information: I've only made one map for Team Fortress, it's called The DeadZone and it was the first Quake map I ever made. I'm happy with what I did with the map (because it is in 2nd on the top ten map page).

Addidional Stuff: I intend to make other TF maps, ones with more then just the get the flag and bring it back to your base. These maps are too much like CTF styly maps and Team Fortress is so much more changable. Other than that, Vote for my map :-)


Real Name: Bill Kerney

TF Role: I played on the internet for a while, but now am spending most of my time on the LAN we strung in our apartment. My friends and I do some quake editing - we have a qc project on the side - but right now we are spending most of our free time making maps for TF. My friend has one nearly completed - its a vietnam marshy setting with bases on stilts! Mine will be a victorian town. Thatched roofs and everything. The thing that bothers me the most about TF maps is that they are all ugly - huge unshaded areas of one texture. What we're doing here is trying to make maps that not only have an unsual feel, but will be places people will want to just cruise around in.

Personal Information: I'm a junior at UCSD, computer science major. I worked designing and programming VR games for 2 years. Right now, I just work on campus TA-ing for a intermediate C++ class.

Addidional Stuff: I love hunted. It is really fun to play. It's flaws are pretty obvious - namely, all an assassin has to do it pick a demoman, leap off a cliff toss a single grenade into the president's back - but it is still really enjoyable. I'd like to see more president quake maps. Oh, we all use qoole here. Does anybody have a .ent file for teamfortress? Bill K.


Real Name: Hab Jackal :]

Web Site: Clan H.A.N.D. Homepage

Clan Affiliation: Clan H.A.N.D.

TF Role: Well...I play regular DM in the World's Only Rocket Free Clan, and I like being on the offensive, so I went with the scout. I played in a match the other day, and I got told that I'm a pretty bad ass scout. Too Quick to hit with them damn sissy rockets or sniperfire, and if it comes down to shotguns, I'll shoot yer ass off, and everybody needs an ass. :]

Personal Information: Quake is an evil, insidious plot to control the minds of the hipper internet user. And, I'm sorry to admit that it has worked in my case. :] "" I love being a part of something that most people will never understand. If I'm not Quakin', TFin', or wankin'...I'm writing songs or uhm...what's that other thing called?....oh yeah....Sleep.

Addidional Stuff: Forming a New TF Clan Soon. Interested parties can contact me via Email.